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Regional Advocates

Building a Community of Like-minded Ministers

Through A.R.M.I., we are facilitating relationship connections among pastors and ministers that has resulted in a strong community of like-minded ministers.

We have appointed Regional Advocates and are developing Area Advocates to make sure our members feel valued and supported.


These A.R.M.I. leaders provide monthly encouragement and support of A.R.M.I. members though personal calls, fellowship gatherings, zoom meetings, relationship building, and mentorship. Their hearts are to serve and encourage the pastors and ministers in their region and to support them in their God-given calling.

From Florida to California and from Michigan to Texas, our RAs and Area Advocates are ready to serve. And more are being added regularly. Although the initial focus is to cover the U.S. with RAs and Area Advocates, this vital benefit of A.R.M.I. will be expanded internationally as membership continues to grow.

Choose your area to find a Regional Advocate near you or email us at


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